Loyal customers given the royal treatment

JFY recently hosted a Gala dinner in China for their loyal customers, to enable them to show their appreciation of who have supported them over the past years.

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Good employees are better equipped

In a report presented to the NZ Parliament, a safe workplace environment is one of the key elements of being a “Good Employer” and includes ergonomic workplace assessment.


JFY and Viking

Earlier this year, Viking installed a 4.2 meter-160 Ton Press Brake. The largest manufacturer of industrial extraction and filtration equipment, Viking are more than happy with their purchase.


JFY, flying high in New Zealand.

You could forgive Imran Mustafa for being enthusiastic about the recent arrival of JFY in New Zealand.

But when you take Imran’s experience and background into consideration, you quickly see that his excitement is well and truly justified.


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